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July 15 2014, 02:15 PM


A Harry Potter VS Twilight…dance off??????

gandalf though

July 15 2014, 02:04 PM

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A happy little family by Eira1893





A happy little family by Eira1893




July 15 2014, 01:56 PM

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M y emotions tend to fluctuate, but whether I’m feeling happy or sad, rather than hiding everything I feel inside, I like to work them off and get rid of them entirely. That’s why when I feel good, I might give all my money to a beggar, and when I’m depressed, I’d feel lost in my emotions and think I want to die. I like crying, so when I see the line “tears flow” in a script, it makes me happy, because I can exhaust those emotions and cast them off.

i’m still not over him in ‘my love from another star.’

still. not. over. it.

June 30 2014, 09:42 AM

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Working on Multiple Projects in Different Genres





June 27 2014, 04:15 AM

When I say I want to travel I don’t mean I want to stay at resorts and go on tours with tour guides or buy key chains from souvenir shops. I don’t want to be a tourist. When I say I want to travel I mean I want to explore another country and become part of it. I want to discover small coffee shops in Germany and Italy and France. I want to walk on beaches in Australia and browse the book stores of England. I want to hike the Great Wall of China and go cliff diving in Hawaii I want to meet people who are not like me, but people who I can like all the same. I want to take pictures of things and places and people I meet. I want my mind to be in constant awe of life on earth. I want to see things with new eyes. I want to look at a map and be able to remember how I was transformed by the places I’ve been to the things I’ve seen and the people I’ve met. I want to come home and realize that I have not come home whole but have left a piece of my heart in each place I have been. This, I think, is what is at the heart of Adventure and this is why I plan on making my life one.


Cassie (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

love this quote but jumping in to say that this is really hard to accomplish, and it’s easy to be discouraged if it doesn’t happen. this kind of travel takes a lot of energy and investment, which totally pays off, but sometimes all you want to do is relax, not engage.

and related: i don’t like it when people shame other people for staying in resorts or wearing white sneakers or taking too many pictures.

/that is all